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Posted in Miscellaneous by Quiet Giant on May 14, 2009

Carlene’s been periodically forwarding all the lovely, supportive e-mails she receives from everyone’s parents. Particularly awesome stuff, via Steph’s dad:

I just wanted to say hello and let you know how much my whole family is enjoying the blogs from half way around the world. I was with a few members of my family last night and we had an amazing conversation about Stephanie and your group of Huskies.We all look forward to reading the blogs every day and we are all being educated about the Middle East. So you are actually enlightening upwards of 500 people about the Middle East!


And thanks to everyone else (hi!) following these blogs and weighing in. Not just for reading, either, but for sharing these entries with friends, grandparents, neighbors, coworkers, etc. That generosity – and collective curiosity – makes an already wonderful experience even more meaningful. Plus, it’s inspiration to think harder and write better, all day every day.

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