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Syrian market round-up

Posted in Lists by Quiet Giant on May 24, 2009

Oh man. If Cairo had a single marketplace as tranquil as the khan in Old Damascus.*

We spent the afternoon in its maze of shops, generally unperturbed and soaking up the smells of fresh spices and soaps. Right now, those scents are seeping from plastic bags near my bed, all jumbled together:  honey and curry, cinnamon sticks, olive oil and cardamom. Pretty good.



For the sake of illuminating the exchange rate here, I made a list of stuff I bought at the khan. Altogether, the day cost about $35.

– falafel sandwich
– orange soda
– 1 bar of honey soap, 2 bars of olive oil soap, 2 bars of mysteriously perfumed soap for Grandma
– 8 keffiyehs
– 25 grams of cardamom, 50 grams of curry, 50 grams of spicy curry, 50 grams of rice seasoning, a bundle of cinnamon sticks
– 300 grams of loose-leaf black tea

Just sayin.

*Oops. Carlene said she did find a serene, secluded shopping spot in Cairo. I should have poked around more.


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