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Setting the scene

Posted in Encounters, General Updates by Quiet Giant on May 29, 2009

Before I start uploading a backlog of posts about our latest Syrian adventures, I should describe my situation. For two reasons. First, because it’s great. And second,  because tonight’s events really testify to our group’s  intrepid pursuit of the Internet on a global scale. 

Katie, Carlene and I needed the web tonight  to post stories and entries, but we couldn’t seem to find a single cafe with wireless access in the bucolic suburbs of Homs. Meanwhile, our guide and dear friend, Osama, seemed confident he could deliver us to the Internet. That’s how, after a 20-minute drive and navigational input from Osama, his close friend, his close friend’s family and people on the side of the street, we located a  “computer center,” with an uncanny resemblence to how I imagine a stockroom at CompUSA looked in the early ’90s.

When we got here, a  kind patron led us through swinging blue doors, tech-saloon style, to a small office with four prehistoric desktop computers and cardboard boxes of office supplies. That’s where I’m typing from.

Pretty good.

Point two:  Our absolute willingness to go wherever the Internet happened to lead is just one strand in the greater thematic fabric of our trip. We are always searching for the Internet. It is never easy.  Not only were we semi-giddy to be en route to any establishment with any degree of web access, but we knew, intuitively, that some bizarre adventure was the prerequisite to finding a place to post.

It’s going to be so weird when I check my e-mail in less than 45 minutes next weekend.


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  1. Sandy Raymond said, on May 30, 2009 at 8:59 am

    I for one thank you for the 20 minute trek to the old office back room pre historic computers that allowed you to make this post………………for me it’s priceless and thoroughly appreciated…Sometimes it’s not the destination, but the journey. What an adventure!


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