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Happy accidents

Posted in Miscellaneous, Photos by Quiet Giant on May 30, 2009

I’ve been doing this cute thing lately where I forget to charge my camera battery for the most picturesque legs of our trip. So far, two castles, an Aramaic hamlet and Aleppo’s ancient network of markets have evaded my lens. Bummer.

But there’s a bright side to every situation. In this case, I stumbled upon Loufi, a Flickr user with some striking photographic evidence of his world travels. Loufi approaches landscapes and buildings with an eye for the simple and bold: power lines draped across a Portugese sky or shadows swallowing a mosaic wall in Andalucia. It’s like he strives to capture instances of abstract contemporary art that occur in real life.

Thankfully, Loufi also uses Creative Commons to license his work. That’s how I found him, via this photo, while searching Flickr:


I love everything about this image, from its perspective to composition and, of course, its contextual content – in particular, the crucifix dangling from the cabbie’s rearview mirror as he schleps a family to the Syrian town of Ma’loula, where locals still speak the language of Jesus.

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